We all deserve to define our version of success and make it a reality! The School of Reinvention is where you go to clearly define where you want to go, map out a strategy, and carry out an action plan to get there.

Here you will find the programs, courses, and coaching to help you write the next chapter of your life on your terms!


"Having so many limiting beliefs about myself, Roger offered me a moment of transformation as I not only felt validated, but he also got me to think about a different future of possibilities as an entrepreneur.

Roger has the transformative power to bring out the best in people. Thanks to Roger, I started my own business as a full time professional speaker and coach."

Aditya Guthey, Speaker & Performance Coach for Engineers


"His expertise, knowledge and dedication have played a key role in creating an engaging learning experience and especially inspiring us throughout this journey! Each and every interaction or activity that he led resulted in pushing us one step further on our path through relevant insights and feedback."

Ioana, PhD, Senior Marketing Professional, Team Leader, Business Coach

Meet Roger

I teach people who want to reinvent themselves by unleashing them to define and pursue their unique version of success.

I have gone through multiple reinventions going from a finance degree to a job in strategic marketing to national account sales to masters in psychology to an M.B.A. to educational consultant to middle school teacher to executive coach, international speaker, and now Ivy League faculty.

The secret to my process lies at the powerful intersection of teaching, entrepreneurship, psychology, neuroscience, and coaching.

Former Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, and Coach Trainer at IBM

Over the last 10 years, I have coached over 3,000 people from goal to achievement!

Executive Masters Faculty, Graduate Advisor, and Success Coach